Workshop ‘Breaking the myth about being a groom in his own wedding’ was held on July 6th in Deja Vu Bar, located in the 1st floor inside Sheraton hotel. The show ended, leaving a big impression on both the guests and also the co-hosts, which included us. This workshop is the first to ever be designed for Grooms in Hanoi. Pieces of advice varied from make-up tricks, tips on how act right during the session, love stories, marriage and after-marriage experiences were carefully selected and brought up by our guest speakers for an hour. The workshop went on with excitement when it came to the make over, especially from our Grooms. Some left the event with valuable gifts from the lucky draw, others got themselves great deals from our sponsors and also a handbook ‘Getting ready for a wedding’ with practical and useful tips, curated by Hat Mem. If you are curious what’s in the handbook, hesitate no more and click the link below for your online copy. 

Getting Ready for a Wedding’

Unfortunately, it is only available in Vietnamese at the moment but we are working to have the English updated on the website soon.


1.1. Decoration at the workshop


1.2. Decoration at the workshop


1.3. Decoration at the workshop


This workshop marked our new role: Hat Mem don’t just organize wedding. We worked as Content Curator, Event Manager and Co-organizer along side with Sheraton Hotel. Let’s all take a look back at the impressive numbers:

  1. 6 weeks of preparation: coming up with ideas and concepts, execution:mapping out media plan, seeking for sponsors and following up with them until post event, organizing location set up & program run down for the whole day.
  2. 8 sponsors: We would like to send our most sincere appreciation to our sponsors. Our ideas would not come to life without participation and support from: 

3. Prize pool: up to 62.000.000VND (~$2,600) from lucky draw prizes and door gifts.

4.  40 guests: most of our guests are couples who are engaged or already planning their wedding in the near future. As a surprise to us, there were parents joining us too and sharing their concerns about weddings. 

5.  50 is the number of handbooks given away after the workshop. 

Let’s have a throwback on some of the activities during the session:

2.1, Workshop’s reception bar.
2.2, Workshop’s reception bar.
3. Our handsome model from Veneta Bespoke
4. Small activities during workshop hours
5. Guests love to take pictures and check in
6. MC Quang Hồng and Guest Speaker Bùi Hiếu shared about how to have a great proposal, how to maintain happiness after marriage.
7. Experts from Hong Ngoc Beauty Spa and Pat Image shared tips for grooms: how to look good before the D-day or before the camera…
8. A random groom taking the “Makeover”
9. Styling for the groom
10. Guiding and giving demo for the groom on how to pose in front of the camera
11.1. Experts explained how to have a good posing
11.2. Experts explained how to have a good posing
12. And of couse we had the prize awarded winners…

13. Don’t forget our team of organizers sponsors.

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