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Let’s just set aside all the “unhealthy” stats of the environment and join us in the sharing of Hạt Mềm’s November Newsletter for a healthier and more balanced vibe: a tool to keep all the paperworks tidy, two spa clinics in Hanoi and more casual fun from my Youtube channel. 

HanpuBoss – An intelligent and capable partner for the wedding season

The wedding season will be way less hectic if the wedding planners have such a strong partner like  Hanpu Boss (short for Happyboss).

With an array of staffs that are not only experienced but also so used to the domestic difficulties and limitations within this industry such as preparation, checklist, staff, we promise to bring out the most optimal solution for the wedding business. After more than 1 year of official operation, HanpuBoss has gained more than 100 regular customers

Moreover, HanpuBoss offers a whole lot of benefits that Soft Seeds believe that you will soon fall for. Instead of having to turn every single page, check every single book to find customer information, the schedule, with HanpuBoss, all you need is just a mouse click and everything you’ll need is right there in front of your open eyes. Complicated tasks like managing information, birthdays, customers’ anniversaries are now a piece of cake thanks to the reminder feature. Also, the accounting management features help you to avoid headaches of calculating revenue, profits, plus make creating orders, quotes and cloudy things related to accounting way more easier. Even the time attendance and employee productivity management are all automatic as well.

In short, all you need to lay your hands on are providing data and one mouse click, and you’re good to go. Too brilliant !

Relax – travel – beauty – health care

I know there’re a lot of married brides in my mailing list so instead of being confused about wedding venues or wedding service houses, let’s just focus on relax – travel – identity beautiful – health care. So Soft Seeds decided to save most of our space on the newsletter and Social Media for partners in the mailing list that are interested in the above services. No need to talk about the benefits here, as long as you are confident about the quality of your products, don’t hesitate to leave us a message.

I would like to introduce two of my favorite hiding spots in Hanoi whenever I need a minute between works.

Sen Garden

Sen Garden is a combination of health care services and macrobiotic restaurants that I often visit. This is a non-medication healthcare method that only combines from the refining of Traditional Oriental Medicine for the use of beauty and relaxation. Sen Garden comes with a lot of services and classes such as cooking class, massage class, nail salon service, tailor dress, etc., but the most outstanding are the Huong Sen Vietnamese traditional reflexology massage and the La Sen restaurant, which specializes in Vietnamese traditional cuisine. 

Mudra House

Mudra House is a hair care clinic where you can find solution for every problem of yours such as dry hair, hair loss, gray hair, broken and damaged hair, and improve any headache problems such as insomnia, migraines, vestibular, using methods and products that are completely natural. What makes nourishing shampoo different from the normal one is its multiple step process. It has to go through many steps such as head massage, neck, shoulder, steaming, using medicine to relax in order to improve hair and scalp problem.

Last but not least, my Youtube channel – the first wedding vlogger of a kind – is back: 

Hạt Mềm channel has now returned with more interesting content for excited brides such as destination wedding etiquettes, venue reviews, … and even more for young people who want to pursue the career of a wedding planner. To be honest, I can’t make videos in just one particular field because there are way too many good things happening every minute. The wedding industry is cool, but so is the food and traveling places. Therefore, I hope you will tell me more about what you wanna watch and let me know by commenting on my new videos every Wednesday. 

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Until next time,

Hat Mem.

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