All you need to know about Elope Weddings

It has been words around that eloping the new lavish wedding, not only for millennials but also for people who want to save 18 month time of their life from planning a perfect wedding. But do we know what we should know about eloping? About what kind of elopements we can choose from and how to do it?

Who Elopes?

You might be wondering who chooses this break from more traditional weddings.  The convenience factor is appealing to couples of all types. Elopement is a popular choice for second marriages, and for couples with privacy concerns, either personal or professional. Some start planning mega weddings and grow so frustrated that they throw in the towel just to preserve what is left of their sanity! There are as many reasons that elopement might be appealing as there are couples with unique needs.

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What kinds of Elopements you can choose from?

  1. The “SURPRISE! WE ELOPED”:Yes, this can be the two of you, alone, at city hall or some white sand beaches in South East Asia. This is a great choice for most, and though I have seen couples who joyfully sending out videos of their elopements to families and friends only after it’s completely done, it’s not for everyone! That leads us to the following kinds.
  2. The “TWO OF YOU + AN OFFICIANT”:If you and your partner want to truly elope (just the two of you) but aren’t interested in the city hall/courthouse route… why not pick a cool location and go for it? Think next to the ocean, standing on a cliff, or somewhere in the middle of a city that you love. You’ll need an officiant to legally seal the deal, but that’s just about it. A lot of wedding venues offer elopement packages—in fact, the wedding above happened at such a place.
  3. The “DIY”: Here’s a mini guide to self-solemnizing your marriage:
  • Pick up your paperwork, but don’t sign it. If you go to the City Hall and fill out your marriage license, surprise: you’re married! To self-solemnize it, you take your paperwork to your chosen spot, say your vows (if you have any), and sign. Hi! Now you’re married. (Don’t forget to mail everything in!)
  • Don’t have an officiant. One of the more prickly rules of self-solemnizing is that no one can actually wed the two of you. You can have witnesses, but not an officiant.
  • If you do want an official officiant involved, consider a self-uniting marriage instead. It’s more or less the same thing, but with more people attached.

    Most importantly, you need to check the legal aspects of this kind of weddings where you plan to have it before submitting your papers. For example, in Thailand, it’s easy as a piece of cake but you will get yourself tangled if you want to do the same thing in Vietnam.

  1. The “ALMOST-ELOPEMENT YOU INVITE YOUR FAMILY TO”: This is what you call it when you pick a location and date ahead of time, and invite your family and friends to see you get married. This can happen at city hall or a courthouse, out in the Bali paddy field, or wherever else you want it to. Tiny wedding in front of the Old Quarter in Hanoi? Go for it! Under a starry night on a mountain of Vietnam? You’ve got our approval!
  2. The “LAS VEGAS BECAUSE… LAS VEGAS”: We briefly contemplated just getting married in Vegas (because Elvis!) but demurred—that’s not something real people really do, right? WRONG. It turns out Vegas elopements are kind of amazing, and you should have one. Have a look at this epic Las Vegas elope, I’m sure many of you who wedded are working on plans for your tenth anniversary.

Elopement Services

All couples should consider engaging the services of a professional wedding planner to assist with an elopement. We can be invaluable when you need to be connected with reputable officiants, photographers, florists, and bakers, among other services. A wedding planner can handle the little details to make sure everything goes smoothly, giving you the best possible experience on your wedding day! Get the wedding help you need like tackling the lesser known challenges of elopement – making arrangements for your wedding attire, creating a functional timeline so everything happens as you wanted, and even helping fasten the back of your gown or checking to make sure your tie is really straight.


If the image of a full-scale wedding has you stressed, give some thought and consideration to elopement. What matters most at the end of the day is that you and the one you love are beginning your lives together, whether it’s in the presence of 200 guests, or in a beautiful private moment. Enjoy the fact that you have options and make the choice that is best for the two of you.

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