How to help your friends away from ugly crying while checking out the best places to visit in Vietnam in October!

Looks like something coming out of a beautiful picture, autumn shows up like a yellow lemon, the weather gets cool and everything just becomes more comfy. If you ever want to hold a wedding at this time, check out these locations below to make sure everything is at its finest on your big day:

1. Ha Giang – the most beautiful mountainous area in the North

(Ha Giang 📷: @loganlambert)

Starting from October, all the mountains in Ha Giang would put on the most gorgeous dress having the color of ripe rice fields after the harvest. Mountains after mountains, the orange of daisy, the red of ripe apples and  slightly cold weather would make you feel like being indulged by the spectacular nature.

2. Hanoi – an autumn

(Hanoi Old Quarter. 📷: @guillaumemiceli) 

To be honest, Hanoi makes the weather more beautiful, not vice versa. Even the smallest weather transition can make your soul burst into poems, like, heaven falls right here on earth. A significant change in seasons, especially Hanoi in the early breezy Hanoi could make people feel satisfied and peaceful.

3. Sapa – superb mountains

(Source: Exotic Voyages)

Yellowish terraces run alongside the mountains with those H’mong, Dao women dressing colorfully all together make this natural scenes look even more alive.

4. Can Tho – Mekong delta river

(Source: GottaGoIndochina)

Traveling here in October gives you a chance to visit the most impressive ecosystem in Vietnam being full of greenish farms on the two sides of the river.

5. Dalat – where love is in the air

(Source: Internet)

The weather here in autumn is colder than anywhere else. The warm brown wooden cabinets, the slopes, strawberry farms,  pine tree hills,… all together create a romantic Dalat that has been well-known for decades.


And no matter where you go, pay Danang a visit if can and check out these “3 free touristy things to do in Danang” we just discovered

1. Tho Quang port – the biggest fish market in Danang – early in the morning to see the auctions, people buying and selling the freshest seafood.

📷: @hat_mem


2. Danang cathedral located at 156 Tran Phu street, the only one was built in Danang city during the French colonial time. On the top of the building there’s a lightning-rod having a metal chicken to check the wind, that’s why it’s called the chicken cathedral among locals.

📷: @hat_mem


3. The walking bridge Nguyen Van Troi, the oldest one in Danang out of 7 bridges across the Han river. On weekends, this bridge is full of both locals and tourists, all come here to see the dragon breath fire, drink and have fun together. Standing on this bridge in the evening can give you a full perspective on the city’s nightlife.

📷: Nguyễn Quốc Dũng



At the end of the news, we would want to let y’all know that we’re still very active in the wedding industry! Ghost month in the lunar calendar has passed, which mean wedding invitations are being sent out like autumn leaves. Besides wishing them “happy forever and after”, we think we could share some tips to avoid ugly crying for brides-to-be, or, for your own sensitive selves. After years watching weddings, we all agree that crying in a wedding is not a big deal but it’s better to cry in style and beauty. Let’s begin with:

1. Water-resistant make-up: Use these, or else you will look like a true panda in your wedding

2. Tissue: It’d be a lot more convenient to have some with you. Just with a few steps and you’re back to the game

3. Get behind cover: You can use your own scarf, grab a magazine nearby or find a corner to handle your business. If there’s nowhere to hide, use your hand.

4. Do not rub or scratch it: Rubbing and scratching just makes everything worse. Instead of doing that, just let it go. It’s totally fine. Just patiently cry, wait till the end and grab a piece of tissue, sweep and then smile

5. Take a deep breath: The best way to stay calm is to close your eyes and inhale deeply, hold down your hiccup

6. Smile and lift your shoulder while crying: At the end of the day you will realise, you cry because you’re emotionally happy, so if you ever cry, just smile, shrug your shoulders and let it go because you’ll look even more pretty

7. Cover your face: If you know you don’t have that beautiful smile then cover your face and look up when everything’s been done. Put on the most natural smile so that people know you’re still okay.

Look how beautiful our bride is in this moment!  – Captured by @thaiphamworks  –  MUA: Hiếu Trần Makeup


Hopefully with our tips in this month Newsletter would come in handy for your travel and wedding in the future. Stay tuned and keep updated, we’ll see you again.

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