A: When you hire a wedding planner, they are with you through your entire planning process. They help execute your wedding vision. They are extremely familiar with venues and vendors that will match your style and budget, they know the answers to all unknown questions, and ultimately keep you calm and excited to plan the most important day of your life.

A: Your wedding planner will be the first to arrive at your venue, and the last one to leave. They will make sure all vendors are there, when and where they are supposed to be. They will be there for any questions from the bridal party, vendors, the venue staff, and guests. They will help keep the couple on time through the entire day, and so much more.

A: The simple answer is: A venue manager works for the venue, and a wedding planner/coordinator works for the couple. A venue coordinator will be dealing with all the aspects of the venue such as set up, the staff, food, etc. A wedding planner is there to oversee the set up from all vendors, answer any questions, take care of any problems, and to make sure everything is exactly as the couple wants it.

A: The workscope!

Here’s what a month-of coordinator will most likely help you with 30 days before your wedding day:

  • Preview the wedding and reception site
  • Introduce you to trustworthy wedding vendors and venues
  • Help with vendor negotiation
  • Serve as point person for every vendor (so you don’t have to)
  • Help direct your wedding rehearsal

On your wedding day we generally will:

  • Help organize and space the processional line-up
  • Greet guests and/or supervise your ushers
  • Help pin boutonnières and corsages
  • Gather and distribute ceremony items at the site
  • Ensure setup and décor for ceremony & reception are correct
  • Serve as last-minute point person with vendors
  • Verify that small things like favors and place cards receive proper placement
  • Light any candles
  • Confirm set up of the guest book, gift table, cake table, and rentals
  • Direct events to keep the wedding flowing smoothly and on schedule
  • Assist with guest management
  • Determine who will be responsible for getting gifts from reception to final destination
  • Respond to any last-minute emergencies or changes


A full-service wedding planner will do much more. Here’s a short list:

  • Consult with you to understand and help shape your overall plan, sometimes including the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid parties, day-after brunches, and other wedding-related events
  • Help you review your budget
  • Get to know your taste in style, colors, & the feel you want for your wedding
  • Give you regular progress updates
  • Create & review vendor contracts
  • Help you with your wedding day timeline
  • Organize vendor arrivals & deliveries to your venues
  • Avoid expensive mistakes like rush shipping or other changes
  • Be your “personal assistant” of sorts & remind you of obligations, appointments, budget, etc.
  • Help with style ideas & current trends
  • Pull things together for a unified look
  • Be your watchdog for any details you might miss
  • Manage almost all of the following: florist, caterer, invitations, musicians, site decor and more
  • Help you choose wedding party fashion inc. bridesmaid dresses, your gown, possibly your mother’s dresses, and groom & groomsmen attire
  • Help you find stylish favors
  • Suggest ideas for table design, special lighting & other esthetic details
  • Act as peacemaker when it comes to attire, etiquette, budget disagreements, etc.
  • Almost unlimited resources for venues and vendors

Can often procure insider discounts & even freebies

A: Absolutely not! We only offer you the package that makes the most sense for you.  If you have everything planned and just need us to execute, Month-of Coordinator (sẽ link đến trang Month-of coordinator) is what you need. If you just need advices and assistance from fresh start, you can have a look at Full Planning (link đến trang Full Planning). Our sister companies also offer Just-us-two or Destination Weddings packages.

A:  To be able to determine which package would make sense for you, we have a free no obligation consultation to make sure we are giving you a quote to meet your needs. If we handle other services like invitations, wedding dresses, and décor rental, we would be happy to include that in our initial quote and pay the vendors on behalf of you. However, the cost of our planning services will not go up unless you decide you need more of our services!

A: I learn the biggest difference between a paid job and a favor is that It can go both ways: either they will have so much to do that day they won’t even be able to enjoy your wedding day. It happened a few times that the person did not take the job seriously and the day ended up being a disaster. As helpful as your friends and family will be during your planning, they shouldn’t have to work on your wedding day.

A: I think this is one of the biggest misconception about wedding planners. It’s absolutely your wedding, your vision, your ideas, your planner is just holding your hand though the entire process, with help and advice. They also do all the ugly work of finding, contacting and negotiation with your vendors. Doesn’t wedding planning sound like so much more fun that way? Yes, each planner has a signature look to their weddings, but chances are their clients pick them because they share a wedding style.

A: Referrals are huge in this industry. I get a lot of leads from other vendors such as photographers, DJ’s, florists, photographers & videographers that I’ve worked with. I am also referred by several beautiful resorts in Da Nang, Phu Quoc.. Past clients will also refer friends & family to me which is such a compliment. I do get occasional bookings from features with top wedding sites like Junebugs Weddings, Wedding Chick, The Wedding Scoop; and from my Instagram, Facebook as well

A: Absolutely.  I attend and personally coordinate every single wedding or event. I am always excited to be onsite, meeting with vendors, checking on the couple, and watching all the intense planning come to fruition!  While I will be there, I generally have at least one other assistant, most of the time two!

A: As much as we hate to admit it, we are human, we do get sick. In the event that I am sick or experiencing some other catastrophic event (which is what it would take to miss a wedding), I will provide the services of a wedding planner with similar or more experience at no additional charge. Further, our staff holds regular staff and communication meetings so that everyone is up-to-date on the details of all of our events. So there will always be an experienced wedding and event planner to make sure your wedding is as fantastic as if you and I were there together

A: It will not happen.  We are a boutique wedding planning company. That means that we are purposely a small company that specializes in individualized attention.  We are not a wedding mill.   We only contract one full service wedding per month.  We want to be able to concentrate and focus our attention on you and your event!

A: Besides my very proud sister companies Bouquet&Buttonhole  that professionally provide A-to-Z destination wedding packages and AsiaElope that focuses on intimate nuptial events, I myself do Corporate Events including conferences, workshops.

A: Yes.  We believe that everyone should be able to celebrate their love.  Love is love.  We are honored to work with same sex couples in making their wedding dreams come to fruition.  As a trained social worker, this is one of the ways that my previous training and current passion collide!  We do not discriminate and will make sure that the vendors we suggest for same sex couples are truly accepting of the couple and their love!  We will be your biggest advocates on your day!

A: That is what we dream to do!  In this era of Pinterest, it’s hard for many couples to find a way to make their wedding different. It seems like everything has already been done and pinned a thousand times! Our top choices of vendors will help you use those pins as a point of reference to create your own unique imagery and brand.  Well we excel in creating events that are reflective of your personal style and vision.

A: That is a great question because there sure are a lot of planners out there. But there are few things that make us different. First, we are a boutique wedding planning company. We are very intentional about being and staying a small business. We provide personal attention and we are committed to making your wedding or event experience different than any other. Not only do we make your planning experience different, easier than you doing them alone, we make your guest experience different than they imagined. We help you think of the small things. Then added touches that will show you appreciate your guests sharing this special occasion with you, the unique details that make your honored guests feel honored, and the activities that will make the event exceptionally memorable are our specialty.  We are great listeners, we “hear” your vision, and we work with you to make it come to fruition.

A: We pride ourselves in our “can do” attitude.  If there is no very good reason we cannot do it, we will try to make it happen! But there are a few things we cannot do and you should know that up front. We do not make flower arrangements. We do not serve food.  We do not take pictures. We do not make dresses. All of these aspects will be beautifullyl taken care of by our talented vendors, we are known for focusing only on planning and organizing aka putting everyone and everything mentioned above together for your Big Day.

Last but not least, we do not drink alcoholic beverages at your wedding.  While we will be festive, we recognize we are not guests and will not act as if we are.

A: We can work with just about anyone.  To be honest, couples that benefit most from working with me would like to get married in 10 months or less and realize they do not have the time or resources to get it done on their own. Most importantly we are particularly suited for couples who want to add personal trademarks in their wedding day.

But it is more important that you like and trust your wedding planner whom you will work with for quite some time. So choose wisely.  If you do not like us, we have lots of planner friends we can refer.

A: By emailing, calling or filling out the contact form on our website. We will schedule a free, no obligation consultation with you to make sure we are a good fit and that we can meet your needs. Most consultations take about 1 hour.

A: Hat Mem means a soft seed in my mother language. It’s the name of my blog which indicates my young years of trying to learn everything I could. Like an eager seed ready to absorb anything this world gives and become something beyond its potential. My now purpose is to stay soft no matter hard life is.

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