Every bye is a good bye!

Dear all my friends,

There is no good way to say it but to say this straight: HatMem Wedding Planner and Bouquet&Buttonhole (BB) are no longer standing together as a team. This might be the last letter that mentions BB as a sister brand of HatMem Wedding Planner. For 19 months, with hard work and determination, we have grown stronger than when we set the first footsteps in this industry. Through familiarities, we found compassion; through differences, we found respect. Unfortunately, there are just some very big incompatibilities between us that, in the long run doesn’t benefit the goal we set for this business. We came to this decision after a lot of discussion, and we are both convinced it is the right thing to do. I hope you continue supporting us both as you always do.




Some of you already know about this and asked me What’s now? Well first of all, I am flying to Phu Quoc for a wedding in Famiana resort. After that I will fly to HCMC for a podcast feature with “Những câu chuyện làm ‘Ngành'” – A Vietnamese podcast channel produced by a young media enthusiast – on ‘How your online profile benefits your business’. This is the second time I throw myself into a random conversation and have it recorded. I was and am very nervous still but I pride myself on the “Why not” attitude, so Why not? Send me questions on what you want to hear and make sure you don’t miss it when it’s aired on May 29th (Link updated below)

“Những câu chuyện làm ‘Ngành’ kỳ 6: Có tiếng thì sẽ có miếng”

In July, I will curate a workshop, the first one of its kind, in collaboration with Sheraton Hanoi and a bunch of talented wedding suppliers in Hanoi. There will be suits and ties, drinks, photos, marriage advices and of course, giveaways. Can you take a wild guess what it is about?


June is my birthday month, so I will be super extra in the next newsletter.

Stay tuned!