An ideal board to a real wedding

Planning your wedding with a Wedding Decoration team is not about texting them “I want a simple concept but elegant and beautiful.” You know, different people, different taste; the definition of ‘simple wedding’, ‘elegant wedding’ won’t stay the same. Therefore we, we at HatMem wedding planner will give you an overall look on the process of working with Wedding Decor so that our future bride and groom won’t be confused anymore.

1. First of all, show them what you want, how you want and things you don’t want to happen during the session. This is the most important part to reach the mutual agreements. Using images of your ‘dream wedding’ would make it easier to express your ideas. Those pictures are the voice of yours to tell how you want your wedding to be. Make a Pinterest board, pour all the ideas of yours in it and tell them WHAT to look at in a picture and WHY you like it. The silhouette of your wedding dress, what color the wedding cake is going to have, the color of the flowers, backdrop’s form and shape, how you want to build the stage and even which font would suit your eyes.

2. Don’t forget to talk it out carefully about your wedding budget. After receiving your Pinterest board, Wedding Decor would build a moodboard catered to your favorites and it would give you a clearer vision of your dream, the dominant color, where to put the flower and other categories based on your actual venue and actual budget. Make sure you stay on track and discuss openly to avoid unwanted misunderstandings in later future.

3. After having confirmed all of those above information, Wedding Decor would take time to come up with a detailed plan for your wedding, color, material, size, shape, location, etc, helping you visualize exactly how everything would happen. This is now considered the final design to be used and run on that big day. And once again, if you still have any concerns, disagreement or want to add or get rid of something, the best way to resolve is to share your thoughts directly to Wedding Decor or your Wedding Planner at any step of the process, as soon as possible.

4. After all of the careful preparation, the final step is to make it happen. It would take roughly one to two days to get ready, depending on the complexity of the plan and designs (of course producing process and ordering flower have been done days before). If you don’t hire a Wedding Planner, ask someone to make time to be on-site early on the day and report back to you to make sure everything is at the right place where they should be. This is one of the biggest reasons why brides want to have a wedding planner to deal with all the hiccups so they can free their mind completely.

Wedding decor always take up space in your budget and so working with your Wedding Planner and Wedding Decor beforehand would give you time to spend your money right. Down here is an example of the 4 steps we just talked about.

This is our most recent work with Royal Swans for Faya’s wedding on Phu Quoc island.

Don’t forget to check out Faya & Joe’s wonderful wedding photos on our Pinterest!


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