Candid Yellow styledshoot

This styled shoot was organized and produced in early March 2019 when Khánh & Thịnh at #KTMarry wanted to try combining Modern with Fine Art. The idea was discussed with #NathanCha, a Korean photographer friend and they agreed on the general idea for the shoot pretty quickly. While they initially picked orange and white as the two capital […]

wedding planner advices

Stay organized and healthy my wedding fellas!

  Let’s just set aside all the “unhealthy” stats of the environment and join us in the sharing of Hạt Mềm’s November Newsletter for a healthier and more balanced vibe: a tool to keep all the paperworks tidy, two spa clinics in Hanoi and more casual fun from my Youtube channel.  HanpuBoss – An intelligent […]


An ideal board to a real wedding

Planning your wedding with a Wedding Decoration team is not about texting them “I want a simple concept but elegant and beautiful.” You know, different people, different taste; the definition of ‘simple wedding’, ‘elegant wedding’ won’t stay the same. Therefore we, we at HatMem wedding planner will give you an overall look on the process […]


How to help your friends away from ugly crying while checking out the best places to visit in Vietnam in October!

Looks like something coming out of a beautiful picture, autumn shows up like a yellow lemon, the weather gets cool and everything just becomes more comfy. If you ever want to hold a wedding at this time, check out these locations below to make sure everything is at its finest on your big day: 1. […]


Hey señorita, it’s wedding season!

What’s new? Photography apps, more Youtube video and invitation for further collaborations to welcome September.  Not only would we keep reviewing cool places with great authentic local food but we would also are some tips on taking and adjusting photos while traveling, and things to do when traveling to a new place. This September, we […]


A Full-of-fun-and-surprise Upcoming August!

Hey guys, how is your summer going?   In case you missed out last newsletter: I am writing this email to you from Da Nang – a beach city in the central of Vietnam with a hope that it will bring to you some sunshine or at least put a smile on your face. Let’s […]



Workshop ‘Breaking the myth about being a groom in his own wedding’ was held on July 6th in Deja Vu Bar, located in the 1st floor inside Sheraton hotel. The show ended, leaving a big impression on both the guests and also the co-hosts, which included us. This workshop is the first to ever be […]


Hello, beach season!

June is my Birth month and I decided to give myself the longest summer holiday ever by moving to a beach city. Thanks for my family and friends’ endless support, I am now officially calling Da Nang home for the next 6 months and hopefully longer. First, thanks to everyone’s feedbacks for the June newsletter. […]


Every bye is a good bye!

Dear all my friends, There is no good way to say it but to say this straight: HatMem Wedding Planner and Bouquet&Buttonhole (BB) are no longer standing together as a team. This might be the last letter that mentions BB as a sister brand of HatMem Wedding Planner. For 19 months, with hard work and […]


It’s a busy, busy wedding season

Hello my dear friends, It’s already the middle of March and Spring is blowing its breath all over here! The weather is getting warmer and better makes someone like us always in the mood of doing something big. Do you feel the same? We’re about to take you guys into a great adventure of exciting […]


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