Jenny Duong Vu Hoang Anh, founder and lead wedding planner of Hat Mem, as well as Co-founder of Bouquet & Buttonhole, hails from a Hanoian family in Vietnam. Despite her traditional Asian background, she had experienced different cultures and backgrounds from studying Germany in high school, to serving as a producer assistant at the National Broadcasting Network after college graduation, to living and working in Koh Samui, Thailand as a destination wedding planner before she decided to move back home to build her own empire in wedding industry.

This interesting and diverse lifestyle shapes the way Jenny plans weddings as well, and it is the reason why she attracts several mixed nationalities couples with her business in Vietnam. Her expertise is the great ability to harmonize and blend Western and Asian culture all together in one wedding.

Jenny and her team do their best to personalize each wedding that can reflect of each couple’s unique style, personality and relationship. She believes in a relaxed approach when guiding the planning and design process, bringing in a little touch of the local local and eco-friendly service to all celebrations.

And why “Hat Mem” – which means soft seed in English?

“Seed” came into the story when Jenny was searching for a new career path and discovered “wedding planner”. At that moment, she was blown away by the fascination of this job and tried her best to absorb everything in just like a seed to grow into beautiful things.

“Soft” as Jenny’s own promise to herself, she will never let the world make her hard

So, she picked the name “soft seed” to remind herself everyday of non-stoppable changing to catch all the trends, but also saying within her true self in the industry.


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I think what sets you apart from other wedding planner is your understanding of both Western and Asian culture and how to harmonize them both. I know you have many other weddings going on, but you always timely respond to my messages and made me feel like I got your full attention. To a bride, that’s very important so please keep that up even when you get more and more customers! Your charm not only wins us but also our parents and friends and that speaks volume!” – khong.linh2210@gmail.com

Linh Khong (US)

“How much is your budget? What is your priority? How many percentage should be allocated to the other items? What’s your style? Which service suppliers should we pick? How to make family and friends participate more?” She saved me a ton of time and headache with her timeline, checklists and recommendations. I even took her advices to plan my perfect honeymoon. – phamphuong135@gmail.com

Phuong Pham (VN)

“She gave me belief in the success of my wedding. I myself am a worrier, it took a load out of my mind to have someone pay her full attention on MC, backdrops, tablescapes, remind me to bring photo frames, even calling to assure me with good weather forecast one week ahead…. this is, in short, peace of mind! – thaophan.ptp@gmail.com

Thao Phan (VN)

I highly recommend Jenny if you are interested in getting married in Vietnam. Jenny has the heart and desire to make sure she organizes your wedding as if it were her own – and it will show. You can put your trust in her with confidence. – info@samuibeachweddings.com

Carter (Thailand)


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